Monday, December 10, 2007

Donna's RR

Just to let you know that Donna's RR was finished and posted last week! I hope it isn't delayed too much by the Christmas post.

Edgar's RR arrived safely with me in the middle of the week too, so I'm planning what to do there now.


DaisyGirl said...

I'm loving it!

janice said...

I *think that it is Donna's RR that arrived here today from lesley. It is looking good.

Now here is my dilemna: I took out what I had stitched on the preceding RR. The white wasn't showing up well at all. So I need to restart that BUT it should have been mailed along about a week ago. Do you want me to mail it and do my square at the end or just hang on to it for now? I will catch up on both over holiday break.

Please advise.