Thursday, July 5, 2007

I've got my linen and started to grid.....

Hi everyone,
I got my linen, called Lambswool, and am now in the process of griding it out, it does take quite a while. I have been on vacation in South Dakota for the past couple of weeks, so I feel that I have fallen behind in so many areas........... Although we were there a good 11 days we were very busy trying to see and do as much as possible, there is still way too much that we didn't do. If you ever get the chance try and get there. It is such a pretty part of the country. Here is one of the many pics I took. This one is in Custer State Park, showing a part of a herd of buffalo just wandering around and across the road. We had to stop and wait for them to all pass by as they have the right of way, and they are WAY bigger than the cars and can do a heap of damage if they charge!!!
I will post a a more appropriate picture of the project when I finish the grid.

Take care,


tintocktap said...

When it comes to laying out your grid, you're way ahead of me, Edgar. I'm hoping to get started this weekend!

DaisyGirl said...

Great picture of the critters! I got the call today that my linen came in! I'm off to pick it up tomorrow! Finally!