Friday, July 20, 2007

Quick update

Just a quick post to let you know where I've got to. This is how my RR looks now -

I'm not going to be able to stitch on it any more just now as I'll be away on holiday for 2 weeks from tomorrow. Sometime during these 2 weeks, I will post it on to Janice. When I come back I'll be looking forward to getting my hands on Cheryl's!


DaisyGirl said...

It looks great! I'm almost finished with mine too. I'll be mailing mine when I get back from camp!

janice said...

Looking good, Lesley! Plese let me know when you mail it along so I can be on the look-out.

Anonymous said...


Today I received the chart for the house that I plan to stitch on your RR. Mercifully, it is going to fit quite nicely-I was a bit worried about that. Should have it underway this very afternoon. I'll be using Crescent Colors.