Friday, July 6, 2007

Quick update....

Well, I finished the griding last night. I have left room around the outside and between the sections to run a border. The border will be a modified one from a LHN pattern that includes oak leaves. I think that I would like for this to have a tree theme to it, any tree or tree derivative that you can come with will work. I originally had thought about other themes but found there where lots of animals and trees in lots of the patterns. I have also left enough room around the sections so that if 100 x 100 is just a wee small there is room for a few extra stitches. I am sorry that it looks pretty boring right now. The linen is Wichelt, Lambs Wool. The picture is pretty dark, sorry about that.
I will start on my section and border this weekend, or at least that is the plan. :)

Take care,


DaisyGirl said...

You've more than I've done. I went to the shop today to pick up my linen,guess what I did, I left my cell phone there, now I have to go back tomorrow again to get my phone! Blond moment!

Cheryl said...

Great job Edgar! Love your tree theme idea!