Saturday, June 23, 2007

Let's Get Ready To Start!

Hi to Cheryl, Janice, Lizzy, Lesley and Edgar! I hope everyone is ready! I know Edgar is still on vacation! Lizzy, I still need your snail mail address. I will be sending everyone an email later tonight concerning rules and info for our round robin.
We are stitching on 28 count linen. We are using LHN patterns. Whatever color of linen is your choice! Please grid out 6 squares (100x100) on your linen! Please make sure you post on the side of the blog whether you want hoop or no hoop when we are stitching on your piece! July 1st is the start date, that means you have 6 weeks. Make sure you plan your time include mailing to the next stitcher on your list! We do have 2 international stitchers in our group! Scotland and Britain.
I'm very excited that this is starting and I hope to become close friends with everyone!
Thank you for signing up for my first ever round robin!


Lizzy said...

Hi Donna, I sent you an email earlier this afternoon with my snail addy and a few questions. If you didn't receive it then let me know and I'll resend it. :-)

So, we start on July 1st and whoever we are posting to should have our RR by August 12th? Is that correct? :-)

DaisyGirl said...

Yes, that's correct! So you want us to use the Dear Diary one's for you? This is so exciting!
ps, I haven't received your email yet.