Thursday, June 21, 2007

We have all our stitchers!

We now have 6 stitchers who will participate in our Round Robin! Thank you to Cheryl, Janice, Lesley, Lizzy, Edgar and Me. I have been working on getting the welcome letter and stitching order completed. I will get it sent out to everyone most likely tomorrow evening. My nieces leave today, so I won't have alot of time to get the rr info in order.
I am very thrilled to be your rr team captain. I hope the everyone will have a great time stitching and getting to know everyone better.
We are using LHN patterns, we are using 28 count linen, whatever color you desire your piece to be. When you grid your piece of linen, make sure you have 6 gridded squares. 100 x 100 square design size. Well, that's all for now, I'll send everyone more info tomorrow.
Welcome again and let's get ready to rumble!!!!!!(Stitch)


Cheryl said...

wooo hooo!!! Can't wait to get started although im not really looking forward to griding my fabric LOL!!

DaisyGirl said...

You and me both! how much linen are you getting? I'm brain dead on how to figure out how much I need.