Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Little House Needlework patterns used!

Just so everyone is clear on the patterns. Little House Needleworks is the winner. Square size will be 100 x 100. That means your design should fit instead this square. Right now I have the following who are doing the round robin-Donna(me), Cheryl, Janice, Edgar and maybe Anna. If Anna doesn't join this round then the size will be 400 x 400. If she does join then we will go with the design space of 600 x 600. We will have one extra space available for either another stitcher or if we don't pick up another stitcher, we can all add another house to our linen sampler when it travels back to us.
Please make sure when you mail your linen to the next person on your list that you send it signature delivery confirmation. I know it will cost an extra dollar or two, but I think it will be the safest way to ensure the next stitcher gets the linen piece, Cheryl, I'm not sure if in Scotland they do signature delivery, so if they don't don't worry! I know you will send it.
Please grid your linen(32 count) whatever color you desire into 100x100 squares, there should be4 or 6 squares on your linen. Stitch your house design on one of the squares, make sure you add your name somewhere on your design. Then when you finished then you will send it to the next person on the list. Once I know everyone is participating I will send everyone a email with the list and addresses of everyone who is doing the round robin and the order of the round robin. Sound ok?
Alrighty then!

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