Saturday, June 23, 2007

Ready to start....well, nearly

Hi everyone! My linen arrived this morning and im thinking about starting the outline for my piece. I'm going away on holiday for a week in July (i volunteer at a kids camp every summer - not really a holiday LOL) and this is why i thought i might get going sooner rather than later. Anyway, i'm not looking forward to laying out the squares but hopefully it'll be okay! I was looking at the Neighbourhood Round Robin blog for some ideas and thought i'd post the link in case any of you haven't seen it. You can find it here
I couldn't get my head around the layout so i did a quick sketch! You'll think im crazy LOL. Here it is anyway
I plan on doing a nice pattern down the two vertical sides (probably at the end of the RR). What do you think?

Im looking forward to our RR! Hope you are too and thank-you Donna for organising it!


DaisyGirl said...

Looking great! Good luck at summer camp! Glad it's you and not me! haha.

Lizzy said...

Hi Cheryl! I think your lay out looks fine! :-) What are you planning on stitching down each side and have you decided on any designs you want to use for your RR? Which one will you be using? Are you going with a certain theme? What fabby are you using?

I love the Neighbourhood RR's don't you? I've been wanting to stitch a NRR since I first saw them a few years ago... Hopefully, I'll get the chance one day! ;-)

Hope you have fun on your Holiday at camp with the kids... :-)


Cheryl said...

Hi Lizzy! Im not sure...maybe hearts or flowers. I might even stitch "heartfelt friends" down one side and "round robin 2007" down the other. I havent decided on any designs yet and im not sure about themes either. What about yourself? Im playing it safe as usual ;) and just using a cream cashel linen!
Yes the NRR's look so great!

Lizzy said...

I like your idea about stitching *heartfelt friends* and *round robin 2007* down the sides... And I love your idea of adding bits and pieces of LHN designs to make the 100x100... it will be like a NRR! :-) As soon as I know which one you are stitching... I'll start thinking about which one I'll be stitching for you!

Cream Cashel Linen will be pretty! :-)